« Les Acrobates de GRAS » are adept at doing tricks high in the air, way above the ground. The high wire flyers (Nº323, Nº324, Nº325, Nº326, Nº327) do the acrobatics, the diagonals adding dynamism and fun to the spectacle. The catcher is concentrated and reliable (Nº322) as it receives the flyers. The spectacle is impressive, full of movement, rhythm and colour.
The colours and shapes of the Lampe Gras reflector and glass balls (L, XL size & Ø175 & Ø250) are elegant and sharp.
« Les Acrobates de GRAS » can be combined with each other letting everyone make their own model.

6 hanging lamps

A single electrical connection (either on the ceiling or the wall) creates a huge range of possibilities.

multiple combinations

Acrobates connected together, potentially ad infitum in multiple combinations.

Infinite compositions

combinations of height, width, scale, geometry as well as the form and colour of the lampshades.

But always with the same rigour and elegance.

Let the show begin !


From a singe electrical point, using either or both of the AC1 and AC2 accessories it is possible to create a multitude of different compositions, whether linear or outwards from a central point.

fig. A
fig. B
fig. C
fig. D


If there is no electrical connection at the exact point you want to install your lamp, Les Acrobates de Gras are the answer to your problem. (Either without use of an accessory - gures A and B - or with an accessory - gures C, D, E, F, G, H, I).

fig. E
fig. F
fig. G
fig. H
fig. I